How to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Are you looking to learn how to lose weight after pregnancy the right way? It should not surprise you that most new moms find it very difficult getting back in shape after pregnancy and looking after the little one, both at the same time. Fatigue due to various reasons is on the rise. Add to it time constraints that are inherent in modern living, and you begin to wonder whether losing weight after pregnancy is even possible?

The good news is that it is very much possible. You can actually use several tricks to lose post-pregnancy weight without getting too tired or fainting.

Find Time For Yourself

All moms will agree that this is not as easy as it looks; however, in order to take care of your little one, you have to first learn to take care of yourself by being fit. Many would find it impractical to work out for a half-hour or one hour every day. Ask your spouse, relative, or friend to keep an eye on the baby while you exercise. You could join a fitness center with a kids club offering to look after your baby. If that doesn’t work, prepare a schedule where you could work out when the baby is asleep.

Exercise for four sessions of 15 minutes duration each or for a whole hour at a stretch. It really does not matter. What matters is that you exercise regularly for at least an hour every day.

Follow A Nutritious Diet

In order to learn how to lose weight after pregnancy,you must follow a balanced and nutritious diet consisting of the required amount of daily calories. Breastfeeding mothers will require even more.

The rate of metabolism will come down quite a bit, almost 20 to 30% below normal, unless you take in the required amount of calories. Moreover, taking in junk food will never guarantee nourishment needed for your baby, as you will experience below-par energy levels.

Have several small meals spread through the day. Ensure that you have a nutritious snack or meal every 2 to 3 hours. You can get more than the required supply of calcium by consuming low-fat dairy foods and dark green vegetables. The rate of metabolism that burns fat will soar with the required quantity of calcium. You can also include lean protein, whole grain products, and fresh fruits in your diet.

Allow Your Baby To Join In The Workout

You don’t have to indulge in a weight-loss program on your own. Using a bit of your imagination can actually make your exercise routine an enjoyable one. Just allow your baby to join you. Go online, find a forum or community center that allows you and other new moms like you to interact with each other, and find some who could join you for stroller walks or swimming sessions with the babies along. You could also find a recreation center close to where you live that provides facilities for mother and child to exercise together.

Some moms prefer to have more quality time with their babies, which you could do by taking your baby out on a stroller for long walks. To make it a bit more interesting, choose a different place every time for your walks. For example, you could take the baby out to the mall one day, and the next day to the zoo. It becomes much easier when the baby is able to walk as they could play and run around a playground with other children.

Get The Right Help

New moms must look for the right support. You may find it very difficult like so many others if you try to lose weight after pregnancy on your own. A relative or friend can provide moral support or could take care of the baby while you exercise. It is vitally important for you to get such help.

Another important step you need to take is to meet up with other moms in the same situation you are in. Join a community where losing weight is the criterion for new moms. Gain some valuable insight about how they overcame difficulties in their weight loss program. Make a conscious effort to share tips gathered from your own efforts. Being among like-minded people will help you rejuvenate yourself and feel good about it.

Sleep Well At Night

It may not be very easy, but new moms must try their best to follow this step. Lack of sleep is bound to bring in several emotional and physical difficulties. Unfortunately, research has shown that the great majority of people do not sleep well. This is more so among parents with newborn babies that keep them awake at night.

Your body takes a pounding during pregnancy, and a newborn baby only adds to the stress you feel getting you get exhausted quickly. At a minimum of thrice weekly, ask your spouse, family member, or buddy to take care of the baby when it cries. That will ensure you get at least 8 to 10 hours of sound sleep. If you are very sensitive, use earplugs. Sound sleep will help you in more ways than you realize.

A regular sleep pattern will be established only after a breastfeeding mom is able to adjust to the change in lifestyle. Learn all there is to know about how to lose weight after pregnancy, and get as much sleep as you can with the pleasant thought that your baby and you will be able to get sound sleep very soon.