How to Get Bigger Arms

Having huge, muscular arms is one of the most common wants of fitness to people. If you have ripped biceps and toned triceps, you will gain the appreciation of everyone, be it man or woman.

Muscular arms are even noticeable and look flattering even if you are wearing a shirt with sleeves. To know more about how to get bigger arms, here are a few things to keep in mind.

First off, you have to work out your arms so that your arm muscles will grow. Merely squeezing some rubber balls or spring hand grips won’t do; you will need to go to the gym. Pumping some iron is one of the surest ways on how to get bigger arms.

The muscles in your arms are divided into the biceps and the triceps. The biceps, located on the front, is a two-part muscle that is most visible when you curl your arms. The triceps, the one on the back, is composed of three muscles and is contracted when you straighten your arms.

The key on how to get bigger arms is to work out the biceps using positive exercises, which means curling weights, and negative exercises, meaning those there you resist the return to the starting point. Bodybuilders should consciously try to exert and contract the muscles when making both movements.

As for how to get bigger arms in your triceps area, you can do this through bar exercises. This is similar to the biceps exercise, with positive and negative movements, but for the triceps, pressing bars away from you is the positive exercise while resisting the weight’s return to the starting position is the negative exercise. As with bicep exercises, both movements should be emphasized and exerted.

One tip on how to get bigger arms is to perform these arm intensive exercises one day each week. The arms will get some indirect exertion when you exercise on other muscle groups, but you should have one day where you exercise the arms to full exhaustion.

Biceps Exercises• Dumbell and Barbel Curls – You can perform the exercises below in many ways, either standing or seated. Movements for the biceps must be controlled with mental focus and done slowly. You must complete three sets of ten repetitions for each of the exercises mentioned below.
– Close-grip barbell curls while seated
– Close-grip cheat curls while standing
– Close-grip cheat curl while standing
– Face-forward barbell curl while inclined.
– High bench barbell curls while lying face forward
– Dumbbell curls while standing
– Dumbbell curls while inclined
– Reverse-grip curl using the easy curl bar
– Scott bench concentration curls with easy curl bar
– Close-grip curls on Flat Preacher Bench using theВ  easy curl bar.

Triceps Exercises• Triceps Curls, presses, and press downs
– Close-grip triceps curls while standing
– Close-grip triceps curls while seated
– Flat bench French Press supine
– Triceps press and curl (supine)
– Reverse wide-grip bench presses
– Dumbbell triceps presses while standing
– Press downs using triceps machine
– Reverse-grip triceps press-downs
– Triceps presses with wall pulleys, towels or rope while standing

– Triceps extension using a wall pulley while bent over

Super Sets

If you’re an advanced bodybuilder, the surest way on how to get bigger arms is by alternating biceps and triceps exercises. This way, you can shorten your workout time while maintaining the quality of the workout. Change exercises without resting but give yourself one-minute resting periods between sets.

Now that you’ve torn down the muscle using this relentless workout, rebuilding the tissue is the next step on how to get bigger arms. The critical ingredient to rebuilding muscle is through a high-protein diet. One fourth of your diet’s calorie count should come from protein. Include some dietary fats as well to speed up protein metabolizing.

Aside from protein supplements, amino acids (specifically Lipotropic 3) help as this amino acid compound burns body fat. Kelp tablets and desiccated liver is also recommended. For an endurance and energy boost, give yourself some cold-pressed wheat germ oil.